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De Groene Vlieg Bio Control bv

Established in 1980, De Groene Vlieg (The Green Fly) is a private and independent company with nearly 100 employees. We focus on pest control in open field agriculture and horticulture through the application of biological agents and soil analysis at individual field level. Our main fields of play are the Dutch market and its adjoining regions. We work independent of farm policy (conventional or biological) and all our environmentally friendly services are tailored to the individual wishes and needs of our clients.

Main activities

  • sterile insect technique against onion flies (Delia antiqua)
  • supervised control of carrot flies (Chamaepsila rosae)
  • soil sampling and analyses of nematodes and allium white rot (Sclerotium cepivorum)
  • supervised control of click beetles (Agriotes spp.)

Insects for sale

  • onion fly pupae (Delia antiqua)
  • aleocharine rove beetle (Aleochara bilineata)

Please contact Maarten de Korte (dekorte@degroenevlieg.nl) or Dorina van Putten (vanputten@degroenevlieg.nl) for more information.

Branch locations

General administration and rearing facility

Duivenwaardsedijk 1
3244 LG Nieuwe Tonge
The Netherlands
t: 0031 187 651 862
f: 0031 187 652 445

e: info@degroenevlieg.nl

Soil analysis

De Drieslag 30
8251 JZ Dronten
T: 0321 - 31 71 18
F: 0321 - 31 92 57

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